What was going to be a simple environmental campaign
ended up being an incredibly freaky video.

Online video

Environmental Foundation



The Brief

Tragamóvil suggested a challenge for the people of Lorca: to recycle 3,000 mobiles in two weeks. In exchange, they committed to replanting an area of Lorca that was destroyed by fire in 2013.


The Insight

Nobody feels connected to the classical environmental messages, however everyone has old mobile phones gathering in a drawer. Can we use this affection to connect with people?


The idea

What if we appeal to nostalgia? We will pay homage to those first mobile phones
that gave us such good memories.  
How? By giving them a new life.


The conversation

The collection campaign had a local character, however the message reached the entire national territory thanks to the strength of the content... and thanks to some Twitter users that we greatly admire ;)

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